Reyes y Hordas

Reyes y Hordas

En la era medieval ,tiempos de reyes ,príncipes y plebeyos era común el desplazamiento de hordas hacia los castillos ,que por descontento con los impuestos ,leyes o simple ansias de poder ,provocaban el caos. En este juego podrás defender los campos aledaños del castillo de estos invasores, confía el los guerrero que están al servicio de su Rey.
We’ve started crowdfunding company to make Hordes and Lords 2.Please support us: you!Reconnaissance: use your mouse to place units (click and drag to rotate). Fight: click on unit or flag to select, point and click where to move.Also you can use keyboard keys 1-8 to select squad.TIPS:- You squad will become bigger each level.- If your squad is dead – it will get only 1/4 of experience points.- If you cannot complete level, try to replay previous and get money for upgrades.- If you are replaying level than have been won already, you will get no experience for squads.- You get gold medal if all of your squad are alive after finished mision. Silver – if one squad is dead. More dead squads means bronse.- Better medal brings better money for you.P.S.: We are reading every you comment, so feel free to write it. Please forgive us if we did not answer to you – we just cannot do it physically (sometimes we have to sleep too 🙂 ). There is so many feedback from you! We are trying to answer as much as possible! And we are so happy if you like our game!

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